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What to Expect

What to Expect

The Coast Guard Academy is not your typical college experience, and AIM is not your typical summer program. During AIM you will live, learn and compete with those who:

  • Are looking for more than just a degree
  • Are physically fit and adventuresome
  • Enjoy science and math
  • Want to step out of their comfort zone

A Higher Standard

During AIM, you'll be held to a higher standard. Coast Guard cadets and officers are called to a life of public service – a spirit of honor and duty that comes from putting the interests of others ahead of their own. While attending AIM, you will experience firsthand this spirit and the close bond shared by those who live it each day.

"During AIM, I saw how the cadre and admissions staff care about you. They want to help you make the right decision as to which university is right for you." - Aliyah Brown, Williamsburg, VA

Two Formats

Session I will be held virtually and is intended for those who are concerned about travel during the pandemic. Sessions II and III are currently scheduled to be held in our traditional format on campus.

The virtual program will be hosted on MS Teams and run about six hours per day for five days, including breaks. Cadet led and content-rich, you’ll explore majors with professors and cadets in the discipline, meet coaches, and spend time getting to know your Admission Officer. The FIT curriculum, a college choice tutorial, will be part of your experience as well. Feel free to invite parents to watch with you!


From the moment your AIM battalion forms up, you will move non-stop. Your day starts with reveille and calisthenics at 0600 (6 a.m.) and ends with taps and “lights out” at 2200 (10 p.m.). In between, you will be in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the parade grounds, or on the water. You will experience military discipline, physical training, team building and leadership development. You will encounter safe but stressful situations, where you will learn to respond effectively, as required while performing Coast Guard missions.

  • 0600 – Reveille
  • 0610 – Calisthenics
  • 0700 – Morning meal
  • 0800 – Morning session
  • 1200 – Formation and noon meal
  • 1300 – Physical activity
  • 1545 – Sports
  • 1730 – Formation and evening meal
  • 1815 – Cadre time
  • 1900 – Evening session
  • 2200 – Taps, lights out

"Over the week I learned a lot, not just about the Coast Guard, but about myself. It gave me a taste of what my life would be like over Swab Summer, and it was a good test to see how I would do under pressure." - Ajia Brown, Groton, CT

A Typical Week

  • DAY 1: Check in, uniform issue, opening ceremony
  • DAY 2: Ship or aircraft tour, engineering workshops, FIT workshop, ship simulator, marching practice, intercompany athletics, Physical Fitness Exam
  • DAY 3: Engineering workshops, sailing, campus tour, shooting range, Admissions Officer introductions, FIT workshop, marching practice
  • DAY 4: Sailing, engineering workshops, FIT workshop, cadre time
  • DAY 5: Indoctrination test, intercompany athletics, FIT workshop, lunch with athletic coaches, Admissions Officer Q&A time, diplomas, Hopley Yeaton Ceremony
  • DAY 6: Family Day, engineering demonstration, group photo, graduation ceremony

"Even though I was not the most athletically inclined, AIMsters and cadre always motivated me to not give up and to keep pushing. The gratitude I had after accomplishing all that I could was incredible." - Bethany Tennyson Evansville, IN

What AIMsters Say!

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