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Thomas Jordon

1/c Tom Jordon

I actually wanted to go to the Air Force Academy. I’d always thought about going into the military but never seriously considered it until I was a sophomore in high school. After I attended the AIM program, I fell in love with the Coast Guard. I realized that everything I wanted out of the Air Force, the Coast Guard offered and more. The humanitarian mission really spoke to me, and I wanted (and still want!) nothing more than to serve my country by saving lives as a search and rescue pilot.

Currently I’m the Academy’s Regimental Commander, which charges me with leading the Cadet Corps and enforcing (but also updating and interpreting!) the rules and regulations of the Academy. I’ve had a lot of leadership opportunities while here, including the X-ray 2 Swab Summer Platoon Executive officer as a cadre, a training sergeant while exchanged at the US Naval Academy (AKA Company Guidon equivalent), and the Golf Company Guidon during second semester last year.

The Academy is a tough and generally stressful place, but you learn from everything you do. The cadets that attend this school are some of the highest grade of people that exist, and I’m learning from them all the time how I can be the best leader possible.

“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker