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Third Class Highlights

Third Class Year

Third class cadets are expected to role model what they have learned, improve self-awareness, and begin formal academic study of leadership. Third class cadets serve as mentors to fourth class cadets.

Summer cruise is your first extended time at sea, leading to significant professional growth and deeper understanding of the demands placed on sea-going officers.

“Without my mentors I would have quit the Academy. They believed in me no matter how hard it got and they inspired me. They were sort of like having professional friends. Many of them also had experience in the fleet that I didn’t have so it helped guide me with where I wanted to go.” - Cadet 4/c

Third Class Year Highlights

Summer Cruise

Every Third Class Cadet spends five or six weeks of the 11 week summer aboard EAGLE. The remainder of the summer is spent at Coast Guard field units from the newest National Security Cutters to Small Boat Stations. Cadets function as a junior petty officer during the summer.

Organizational Behavior & Leadership Course

This is your first introduction to formal leadership study, focusing on the relationship of individual and group behavior and how well organizations function.

Mentoring fourth class Cadets

Within each Company, Third Class Cadets help Fourth Class Cadets adjust to Academy life, giving informal feedback and solid advice.

Choosing Your Major

During your Third Class year you apply for entry to your major.

100th Week

Signifying the end of Third Class year, cadets work with Drill Instructors from the Coast Guard’s Cape May bootcamp to prepare for their leadership roles as Second Class.