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Shano Ezzell

Shano Ezzell

ENS Shano Ezzell serves as the Electronics Material Officer (EMO) for USCGC Tahoma. Working daily with Electronics Technicians (ETs) and Information Systems Technicians (ITs) when in port and underway, he is responsible for the operational readiness for all electronic equipment on the ship.

On the unique camaraderie

"One of my favorite things about studying Electrical Engineering at the Academy was the camaraderie of the program. Teachers were accessible to students, and this level of openness carried over to my classmates, as went through challenges together and we helped each other learn."

On attentive EE faculty

"From the instructors to the lab technicians, each EE faculty member ensured that students thoroughly understood the material. I appreciated being able to meet with faculty outside of class. I was able to learn more and connect with my instructors.

On his career preparation

"The EE program definitely prepared well. By the time I got to Tahoma, I was already familiar with a lot of the language that the ETs and ITs use, due to my exposure to EE at the Academy. I have been able to translate it so that others on the boat can understand in more simplified terms."

On a difficult, but exciting, major

"The EE program offers great hands-on training, excellent lab experience and the opportunity to connect closely with students and faculty. The major is very challenging, but it is an exciting path to becoming an electrical engineer."