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Saul Krasner Memorial Science Lecture Series

The Saul Krasner Memorial Science Lecture Series features prominent speakers in physics, marine biology, chemistry, and the general sciences. Intended for an academically diverse audience the Lecture Series connects cadet coursework to more advanced STEM studies in Marine & Environmental science curricula.

The series is generously sponsored through the Environmental Studies Endowment Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF). This forum enables scientific researchers and academicians to present their latest studies in their particular field.

The public is welcome to attend. No reservations required.

Incorporating DOD research and historical materials into a second-semester introductory calculus-based physics course

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
8 - 9 PM: Dimick Hall Auditorium
U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Dr. Mary Lanzerotti
Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, United States Military Academy

This talk presents an overview of research activities since 2012 with undergraduate students. The first part of the talk presents a study of the impact on student learning of incorporating DOD research activities in a second-semester calculus-based physics course required for physics and engineering majors.

The second part of the talk presents an overview of research with undergraduate students in stabilization of sling-loads and hoists for helicopters, advanced signal processing using weak radiofrequency (RF) signals (electronic warfare), and identification of electrical properties on integrated circuits, which produced a patent. The third part of the talk presents observations of drop formation following the bursting of thick liquid films of molten steel.


Global Climate and Energy: New Technologies in Transportation and Building Design

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
8 - 9 PM: Dimick Hall Auditorium
U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Dr. Daniel Prober
Department of Applied Physics, Physics and Electrical Engineering, ale University

The challenges faced in our global climate have become important and recognized issues in many areas, including national policy. The availability of new technologies and change use patterns that will facilitate significant improvement in the future outlook. We outline some of the new approaches undertaken in building design at Yale, in transportation, including the Elon Musk Hyperloop, magnetic levitation, and hydrogen-fueled cars, and in renewables. Demonstrations of these will be given, with some useful demo handouts.


Spring 2020 Schedule

  • 31 March (Tuesday)
    Mr. Kirk Yeager, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • 07 April (Tuesday)
    Dr. Benedette Adewale, USCG Research and Development Center
  • 21 April (Tuesday)
    Dr. Christopher Moore, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard College Observatory and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

All presentations will be held in Dimick Auditorium from 2000-2100 on the respective dates.

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