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Religious Programs and Clubs

The Coast Guard Academy brings together cadets from many different religious backgrounds and beliefs. The Command Religious Program supports and accommodates all the religious and spiritual needs of our cadets, providing pastoral guidance, ministries and a range of programs, including worship, retreats, religious education, clubs, chapel choirs, and outreach.

Command Religious Program Staff

Three Navy chaplains deliver religious ministry at the Academy, leading religious programs and serving as counselors to cadets of all faiths.

Faith-Based Groups

  • Bible Studies (weekly)
  • Catholic and Protestant Choirs
  • Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Jewish Hillel
  • Latter-day Saint Student Association (Mormon)
  • Men's Accountability Group (MAG)
  • Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF)
  • St. Francis de Sales Society (SFDSS)
  • Praise Team
  • Women's Accountability Group (WAG)
Religious ProgramsFacts and Figures
1/3 religious SVGof the Corps of Cadets participate in religious groups and activities
Travel travel SVGtrips have included Rome, Ireland, Costa Rica and Jerusalem
16 flags SVGflags in the Cadet Memorial Chapel each represent a virtue of man

Contact Information

Command Religious Program
Mrs. Judith B. ZakutanskyExecutive Assistant(860)