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Ryan Dunkle

Phenix City, AL - Class of 2021 Major: Operations Research & Computer Analysis
Ryan Dunkle


Hello! My name is Ryan Dunkle. I grew up in Phenix City, Alabama. I come from a long line of military members; however, I didn’t seriously consider the military until the summer between my junior and senior year. I participated in the summer seminar at the Naval Academy to understand where my grandfather came from (1961 Graduate), and fell in love with the atmosphere of the military academies, namely the types of people I was surrounded by who all wanted to impact the world. Later that summer, I visited all of the other academies except the Air Force Academy, and immediately fell in love with the Coast Guard and its mission, and I’ve loved my decision to come here ever since. I also have a German mother, so I have dual citizenship with Germany, and a brother who is currently a freshman in flight school at Auburn University. I am really close to them, and they love listening to me ramble about the things I’ve learned about myself at the end of every week. I play club ice hockey at the Academy, and enjoy lifting, reading, and spending time with my friends during my free time.

One of my favorite parts of the Academy is the ability to become a better person every day. If you are willing to work hard and accept that you have plenty of room to grow, this school will push you to be better than you can ever imagine. I wish everyone could have that opportunity, because that is what allows us to truly have a positive impact on the world around us. Things can get really tough here, but I always keep in mind that every struggle makes me more prepared for the next, more difficult challenges. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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