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Appointment Presentation

Congratulations on accepting your appointment to the Coast Guard Academy! If you are interested in having your appointment certificate formally presented at an awards ceremony, please first check with your guidance counselor or the ceremony coordinator to ensure that your school will support this type of presentation. While some prospective cadets choose to forego this formality, you have the option to either request a Coast Guard representative or designate an adult family member, friend, mentor, coach or educator to present your appointment certificate. If you choose the latter, we will provide a suggested script for the presentation.

If you request that a Coast Guard representative present your appointment certificate, please note that these events may be supported by Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partners (Alumni, Coast Guard Auxiliary, retirees, or other civilian personnel). While we strive to provide active duty, uniformed presenters for these ceremonies, and Coast Guard Academy Admissions staff members participate in as many events as possible, we cannot always guarantee who the presenter will be in advance.

NOTE: Federal ethics laws prohibit any Coast Guard member from participating in a fundraising effort on their duty time or in their official capacity. If the event/project is for fundraising, USCGA Legal Office approval will be required.