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Mentoring the Mentors: AIM Cadre Preparation

Stefanie Senkow
February 22, 2022

AIM cadreNEW LONDON, Conn – If you’re a rising high school senior, you may be preparing for the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) summer experience. At the Academy, the AIM cadre are preparing too. They are getting the mentoring and training they need to maximize your experience.

Meet Second Class Cadet (2/c) Rachel Widman. As this year’s AIM Company Commander (AIM CC) she will be supporting your cadre so they can do their best to train and educate you.

“I knew I wanted to be AIMCC the moment that AIM ended last year when I was a cadre,” said Widman. “As AIM cadre, I had the ability to influence potential future cadets. I was able to be there for the kids who were unsure of themselves, reminding them that all of us here are human.”

As AIMCC, Widman’s priority is to work directly with the cadre to give you the most authentic experience. With her leadership, cadre will be able to lead, train, and educate you to help you see if the Coast Guard Academy is right for you and if you are up for the challenge.

“The challenge is worthwhile. AIM is an amazing opportunity for growth and to see multiple aspects of the Academy - the swab summer aspect, the school year aspect, and the Coast Guard aspect. There is nothing more that you could want from a service academy summer program. I am excited to share my passion about the Academy and Coast Guard at large with you. I look forward to seeing you this summer!” said Widman.

This semester, the preparations for AIM are well underway. Widman will be personally interviewing the cadre that apply for Platoon Commanders and training and mentoring the cadre to give you the best experience. Each Platoon Commander is responsible for a group of AIMsters. You will be assigned to a platoon led by dedicated cadre who will challenge you and support you.

The AIM application is open until April 15, 2022. Apply to the most authentic service academy summer program today.