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Thanksgiving Cybersecurity Challenge

Stefanie Senkow
November 29, 2021

cadets in cyber labNEW LONDON, Conn – Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field of work with many exciting opportunities. Beginners and professionals alike often use capture the flag (CTF) competitions to learn new techniques and test their skills. High school students participated in the Cyber Team’s “turkey hangout” CTF November 26-27, 2021! This free competition focused on those in high school desiring to test their skills, meet cadets, and learn about the Cyber Systems major as well as cybersecurity as a whole.

“We created a fun event for high schoolers to participate in while also learning valuable skills. The best way to learn about cyber security is to solve problems in a technical environment. This CTF event offered exactly that opportunity,” said Cyber Team captain First Class Cadet Spencer Kotys.

The event was held virtually on a platform called “Hack the Box” so participants could join from anywhere using their web browser. All skill levels were invited to attend! Beginner-friendly challenges as well as challenges for more experienced players were available. Cyber Team cadets hosted a live stream at the beginning and end of the competition and a discord for live interaction between competitors during the event. Team members streamed walkthroughs of certain challenges at checkpoints throughout the competition.

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