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The Ethics of Building Future Leaders – The 32nd Annual Ethics Forum

Stefanie Senkow
November 8, 2021

Senator Ben SasseNEW LONDON, Conn – Each year the Academy hosts the Admiral Thomas Wetmore Annual Ethics Forum. The Corps of Cadets is provided a platform to discuss ethical and leadership matters with experienced civilian, government, and military leaders. “Unity In Ethics Moves Us Forward Together” was this year’s theme on October 28th and 29th.

Topics included, among others:

  • Moral Reasoning in Seven Questions
  • An E-9’s Perspective on Ethical Decision-Making in the Coast Guard
  • Speaking Truth to Power and the Power of the Open Forum
  • Practicing Ethical Leadership as a Junior Officer in an Operational Environment

Cadets come away from the experience with better ethical decision-making skills.

“The Forum effectively prepared me for my future role as a Coast Guard officer. I felt engaged in ways a normal day of classes would not have afforded me. As I look towards graduation and commissioning, I found many useful tools concerning leadership and moral reasoning. I was challenged to consider the strength of my character and judgement, the importance of relationships, and how leadership is a journey of growth and reflection,” said First Class Cadet Elizabeth Carter.