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Making Connections – Dr. Elise Jones Faculty Spotlight

Stefanie Senkow
September 22, 2021

Dr. Elise JonesThis is her first Coast Guard experience, but don’t let that fool you. As an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Human Resource Management, Dr. Elise Jones offers a well-rounded leadership perspective to the Coast Guard’s future leaders.

“My original career was in the high-tech industry where I held product management, business strategy, and human resources roles in small, medium, and large organizations,” said Jones.

Teaching Human Resource Management this semester, Jones draws on her professional connections to interact with students.

“I bring speakers into class and help the cadets make professional connections. Together with a student who was inspired by one of our class speakers, I initiated human resource management internships with leading technology companies, for which second class cadets can now apply,” said Jones.

When her cadets aren’t making connections outside the classroom, they are immersed in an interactive classroom with plenty of group discussions.

“We draw parallels between human resource management and organizational change practices and the cadets’ experiences at the Academy,” said Jones. “There’s a lot of emphasis on applying class concepts to help them be effective leaders in Chase Hall and going into the fleet.”

Jones recognizes that the Academy is a special place and enjoys working with students who have a desire to serve others and make the world a better place. Together with a group of first-class Management students, she is conducting research on women’s retention in the Coast Guard.

“I also love working with colleagues who are dedicated to cultivating the whole student,” said Jones.

See how future leaders are shaped through the Academy’s Management program.