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The Academy’s First FBI Intern

Stefanie Senkow
July 22, 2021

US CapitolNEW LONDON, Conn – His assignments were top secret, but it’s no secret that First Class Cadet (1/c) Ryan Berry was honored to be the FBI’s first Coast Guard Academy intern.

“I was essentially incorporated into the task force and assigned work like everyone else (as opposed to being assigned a single "intern" project),” said Berry. “This was initially a challenge due to the complexity of the assignments and my lack of formal training, but by asking questions and developing and leveraging relationships, I was able to produce quality products and assist the unit and its mission.”

Berry was assigned to the National Counterintelligence Task Force (NCITF) as part of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. HIs activities largely fell into three realms—completing individual analytical projects, attending meetings with personnel from the FBI and the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) partner agencies, and networking and engaging with personnel from the FBI and the USIC.

“During this internship I reviewed records gathered through FBI investigations and cross-referenced this information with NCITF partner agency information to help the NCITF provide a more impactful outcome to their campaigns,” said Berry.

As a government major, Berry considered an intelligence career prior to his internship. The experience solidified that decision.

“This work broadened my understanding of the various career opportunities within the intelligence domain and directed me toward a new field of intelligence careers that I had not previously considered.,” said Berry.

Berry left a lasting impression and paved the way and set the standard for future Coast Guard interns.

“This experience provided me with a unique leadership role. Given that I worked alongside high-ranking personnel from the FBI, I was the sole representative of the Coast Guard, and accordingly I sought to demonstrate, by personal example, the high standards and organizational values of the Academy and the service.”

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