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Making the Most of Her Eagle Experience – PART II

Stefanie Senkow
July 13, 2021

3/c Sarah KaletaNEW LONDON, Conn – Third Class Cadet (3/c) Sarah Kaleta’s Eagle summer was cut short. Despite her inability to finish the tour, she made the most of her two weeks aboard the ship. She learned that even a short tour has lasting gains.

Bringing Your Major to Life

As a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major, Kaleta became better able to understand the ship’s functions through her engineering watch shifts.

“I found it fun to trace all the pipes of the ship's systems. The ship’s service air helped me understand how the machines were working and why certain valves and cross-connects were placed in specific locations. Seeing the reverse osmosis tanks and gauges were fascinating; the ship makes its own potable water for the crew to drink and use to shower which is why water conservation is so important,” said Kaleta.

Overcoming Challenges

“I did not make it all the way to the royals, but I did push myself to climb to the trees (platform above the course yard) which allowed me to conquer a new challenge,” said Kaleta.

“When I departed Eagle, I navigated my way through international traveling in a non-English-speaking country. At the end of the day, I learned that it is important to be calm even when plans go awry and to be flexible (Semper Gumby!),” said Kaleta.

Handling Stress

“While I was on CGC Eagle, there was one day when winds suddenly increased as we were heading into storm clouds. The all-hands sail station alarm started going off during dinner time throughout the ship, and at the time I was in gym gear. I raced back to my berthing, changed into appropriate gear, and made it to sail stations within five minutes to help furl the sails. That situation showed me the importance of always being ready (Semper Paratus!)” said Kaleta.

Developing Leadership

“I discovered the importance of being calm under extenuating circumstances and possessing effective communication skills,” said Kaleta.

What else can you expect from an Eagle summer? Kaleta gives an overview of what’s in store for you.