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Time Management & Gaming Sports

Stefanie Senkow
November 6, 2020

gaming arenaNEW LONDON, Conn. – Are you a gamer and interested in the Coast Guard Academy? If so, you may wonder how compatible the time demands of the Academy are with this hobby. You’re not alone. As a cadet, if you prioritize your Academy obligations, you can find time to game and even make some lasting friendships with service members who share your interest. Just ask LCDR Jason Acuna.

“I started gaming as a child. With the advent of the Internet, online gaming became the norm and with that competitive events,” said Acuna, 2009 Academy graduate, Electrical Engineering major.

“As a fourth class cadet, I was introduced to a game called Counter Strike from a fellow classmate and played or competed in that game during my free and spare time. Competing was always an interest just due to the nature of the games that I played, especially with games oriented around teamwork and communication. I met an active duty member online playing Counter Strike just from casual conversations,” said Acuna.

The two friends competed with eight other Coast Guard members pitted against 10-person teams from each military branch in April of 2019 at the esports arena in Las Vegas in a tournament hosted by the Military Gaming League.

So whether you’re a gamer or enjoy another hobby, you can make it work at the Academy. Just prioritize your academics, athletics and military obligations first.

“Gaming, as both a hobby or as a competitive effort, will be available during your off-time and upon commissioning - it's not going to go anywhere. The Academy experience can be referred to as a game of time management,” said Acuna.