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Spotlight on Dr. Yang Xu

Stefanie Senkow
September 4, 2019

Dr. Yang XuShe’s ready to spark something dynamic in the minds of cadets.

“I tell a story or ask students to do an exercise or a mini-case at the start of class. In this way, most students’ interests are aroused from the very beginning,” said Dr.Yang Xu, the Management Department’s new Associate Professor.

Dr. Xu brings her business and diversity expertise to the Academy. She joins CGA from Penn State University. She has published research in scholarly journals, received academic accolades and mentored students of diverse backgrounds, among other achievements.

“I directed research projects of business students. One of them obtained an award at the Campus Research Fair,” said Dr. Xu.

Dr. Xu makes an effort to build a connection with each student.

“I believe a student learns best when somehow a teacher finds a way to establish an intellectual bond with him or her. I tried to form that bond whenever I can because good learning flows from the meeting of our minds,” said Dr. Xu.

Cadets can expect to have their minds stimulated, but more importantly, their individual character appreciated.

“Sincere caring about students is crucial for creating a classroom environment conducive to learning.”

Connect with Dr. Xu to learn more about the Management Department at [email protected].