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Going For The Gold

By Stefanie Senkow
August 27, 2019

Going for the goldThe Coast Guard Academy supports your dreams. Just ask new Ensigns Helen Oh and Brian Kim.

They probably never thought they would be on their way to the Olympics. Instead of reporting to their respective assignments post-graduation, they’re potentially headed to Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

“We both received approval from the Coast Guard to work at the Academy while we train,” said ENS Kim.

ENS Oh and ENS Kim are training to compete in shooting at the Olympic Games. Both practiced the sport prior to becoming cadets. Joining the varsity shooting team at the Academy perfected their skills.

Video courtesy of WFSB 3

“The team is taken very seriously. The practices are frequent and it’s a lot of mental training,” said ENS Oh.

That discipline paid off as they head to Georgia in September to compete in their first trial.