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Summer Internship Snapshot: Law Enforcement

By Stefanie Senkow
August 1, 2019

weldingDiscover a long-term, rewarding Coast Guard career during your summer internship. Cadet Darden Purrington found a passion for law enforcement at the Special Missions Training Center (SMTC) in North Carolina.

“I found people I’d want to work for and a mission I could see myself spending a career in, which isn’t something I ever even considered before,” said Purrington.

SMTC trains the Coast Guard’s deployable specialized forces. They trained Purrington and they can train you.

“We spent a week on the range qualifying on our pistol,” said Purrington. “I got the opportunity to shoot a precision rifle!”

In addition to earning qualifications, Purrington witnessed a patrol of a mock “combat town.”

“They were shot at, put under pressure, and forced to use the medical skills they learned in their Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Course on dummies which “bled” fake blood while evacuating their injured ‘comrades’,” said Purrington.

Can you see yourself in Coast Guard law enforcement? See what else Purrington experienced during her summer internship.