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Summer Internship Snapshot: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

By Stefanie Senkow
July 23, 2019

weldingYou don’t have to wait to be an officer to inspect Coast Guard vessels. As a cadet, you’ll take on real Coast Guard roles as a summer intern. Aspiring marine inspector Cadet Amy Chamberlin began to learn the prevention field, training at the Marine Safety Center at Coast Guard Headquarters.

“I completed marine inspections, experienced the naval engineering side of the Coast Guard, visited the Pentagon and Air Station Washington,” said Chamberlin.

Not only do Coast Guard Academy internships put you in the midst of the action, they allow you to apply your classroom skills on the job.

“I was able to be part of a simplified stability test in Cape May, New Jersey, which directly correlated to what I have learned in the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major.”

An internship at the Academy could be a window into your future.

“This internship assignment could very well be my first billet when I graduate,” said Chamberlin.

Check out Amy’s blog to learn more about her summer assignment.