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Set Sail & Unveil

by Stefanie Senkow
June 26, 2019

coastal sailingNEW LONDON, Conn. -- Be the watch captain of your own vessel before even becoming a Coast Guard officer. With the Coastal Sail Training Program, you’ll find adventure and unveil your leadership potential.

As a rising second class cadet, your voyage begins at the Academy. You’ll board a vessel with six cadets and be briefed on how to sail. You’ll then set off on a two-week trip visiting ports in Cape Cod, Block Island and others in New England. Assuming roles like watch captain, navigator, helm and cook, you and your classmates control your journey.

“Cadets learn time management, teamwork and peer leadership to successfully complete Coastal Sail,” said program coordinator, Hart Kelley.

Aside from the adventure, you’ll unlock your leadership potential.


“This program comes at a time when cadets are transitioning from followers to leaders, so they often have great epiphanies,” said Kelley.

“Coastal Sail gave me hope that there is room in the Coast Guard for people like me that are very introverted,” said Cadet Zachary Woods. “I’ve always been a little worried for my future as a leader because of how quiet I tend to be, but Coastal Sail has given me a much more optimistic look at the future!”

See why Coastal Sail is an “eye-opening” experience.