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Summer Internship Snapshot: Electrical Engineering

By Stefanie Senkow
June 20, 2019

Internship: Electrical EngineeringIf you’re an Electrical Engineering major at the Coast Guard Academy, you won’t just go anywhere for your summer internship. You could be like cadet Nicholas Moreno, researching national security projects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Lab.

“I am researching an autonomous aerial vehicle that can fly long distances, perch on an object, wall, or roof, record data, and then fly back to its home base,” said Moreno.

Not only is Moreno enhancing his electrical engineering credentials with this experience, he’s also getting a head start on his senior capstone project.

“For my capstone, I must code an autonomous aerial vehicle to lift off a ship, fly over to a buoy, do image processing, and then return to the ship, and tell it where to go,” said Moreno.

Prestigious experience and a jump-start on his senior project. Moreno’s internship knowledge could also help the Coast Guard’s future autonomous aerial vehicle initiatives.

“This work could be implemented in the Coast Guard for search or oil detection in water,” said Moreno.

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