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Cadet Set to Present at MORS Symposium

Stefanie Senkow
April 25, 2019

Cadet Set to Present at MORS SymposiumWhat can a second class cadet bring to the table at a military research symposium? A solution to a real Coast Guard problem.

“Being a second class cadet in the Operations Research and Computer Analysis (ORCA) major at the Academy, I may not have fully completed my studies, but I can still do relevant research that will impact the real Coast Guard,” said Second Class Cadet (2/c) Greg Gaskel.

And he’s doing just that. 2/c Gaskel is the only cadet to present this year at the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium, an event where military professionals come together to discuss tools, techniques and best practices to maximize operational effectiveness. Gaskel has spent the past several months researching the best way to allocate helicopter assets between two air stations in the southern California region of District 11.

“District 11 uses two helicopters, an MH-65 Dolphin and an MH-60 Jayhawk. I am applying my data analysis skills to determine where to positon these two helicopters in order to optimize search and rescue coverage,” said 2/c Gaskel.

2/c Gaskel is in the process of applying for a Fulbright scholarship, which would allow him to attend graduate school abroad at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary. He hopes the culmination of this research project, his upcoming summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and his other academic achievements will bring him closer to his post-Academy goals.

“ORCA and applied mathematics is extremely valuable for the Coast Guard because we have the need to make data-driven decisions and to optimize our limited resources. Having Coast Guard personnel with this technical background assists our organizational leaders in making multi-million dollar decisions,” said 2/c Gaskel.