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Women in Aviation Program

By Petty Officer 2nd Class Lauren Laughlin
U.S. Coast Guard Academy

April 10, 2019

group of cadets in photoNEW LONDON, Conn. -- Women aviators traveled to the Coast Guard Academy to be a part of the Academy Corps of Cadets Women in Aviation Program, Monday.

The program is a spin-off of the Corps of Cadet Aviation Club and introduces women cadets to the field of aviation.

Several pilots traveled to the Academy to meet with female cadets to discuss being a woman and pilot in the Coast Guard.

The event focused on Coast Guard leadership initiatives, open dialogue to discuss career planning and growth, conversation revolving around diversity matters and social issues, family planning experiences and guidance, among other topics.

“With so many female cadets interested in going into aviation this is a great opportunity to get to meet and talk with women who are doing what I will one day be doing,” said Cadet First Class Morgan Garrett, a flight school candidate.

“We have so many questions about being in flight school and being a pilot in the Coast Guard along with being a female officer. Can you be a mother, an officer and a pilot? These are some of the questions that were answered at the event.”