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Singing CGA Praises: Fairwinds

by Stefanie Senkow
April 2, 2019

FairwindsNEW LONDON, Conn. -- “A lot of people think that they need to give up their lives when they join a service academy and that’s simply not the case,” said first class cadet (1/c) Hannah Boyce. “This trip was our chance to show the hidden gem of the Coast Guard Academy.”

The gem Boyce is referring to is Fairwinds, the Academy’s female cadet chorale a cappella group and the trip she speaks of is the group’s travel to Hawaii to sing at some of the island’s high schools.

“Although there is a Coast Guard base in Hawaii, most people are not familiar with the Academy,” said Boyce, a native of Hawaii. “So we performed at four high schools and were able to bring awareness of the Academy to students and show that cadet life is more than just the rigors of academics and military obligations.”

Performing 10 shows at various schools, including one at Ala Moana Center Stage, Honolulu’s open air mall, Fairwinds connected with young audiences, sharing their musical talents by delivering modern songs and sharing their Coast Guard Academy experiences.

“The students were very receptive and were able to ask questions more comfortably with us. A group of young ladies singing a cappella is much different than someone in uniform adorned with ribbons. We brought a sense of authenticity and were able to show students that at the Academy you build amazing relationship and make friends for life.”