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New Ship Simulators Are Underway at the CGA

Stefanie Senkow
March 4, 2019

New Ship Simulators Are Underway at the CGAPreparing cadets for their first job as Coast Guard officers: that’s what the Professional Maritime Studies program at the Academy does, and with the help of five new ship simulators, that preparation is more real than ever.

“The new simulators provide cadets with a more immersive environment. They can navigate through snow, rain and other elements, and this helps to put them in a mindset that will prepare them for any mission,” said LT Myles McCarthy, Professional Maritime Studies instructor.

With life-like graphics, enhanced ship movement and more realistic scenarios such as ice-breaking and oil-skimming drills, and the capability to visit ports around the world, the simulators have taken the hands-on practice of nautical science to the next level.

“Cadets learn how to apply their skills and practice teamwork, learning how to maneuver ships to better equip them as officers in the Coast Guard,” said LT McCarthy.

The simulators are making waves with cadets too, as their time in the lab has improved with these new features.

“I think the new simulators are incredibly impressive. As someone who is pretty tech-savvy and plays a bit of video games, I was kind of taken aback at the technology,” said first class cadet (1/c) Griffin Klages, Operations Research and Computer Analysis major. “Between the touch screen interfaces and virtual reality binoculars, everything comes together to really make the experience as realistic as I have seen.”

“The new simulators are a phenomenal improvement to the navigation program at the Academy based on their innovative capabilities,” said 1/c Anita Green, a Mechanical Engineering major. “The scenarios are more realistic, practical and give cadets more insight into how a modern bridge functions.”