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Finding the Best FIT

by Stefanie Senkow
December 18, 2018

AIMNEW LONDON, Conn. -- It’s time for seniors to start thinking about the second most significant decision of their lives—what’s next after high school? This task can be daunting, but the Coast Guard Academy creates a unique space for students to do some self-discovery during the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM).

With applications opening this February, AIM is a week-long summer program for high school juniors to experience a sneak-peek of life as a cadet at the Academy. From military drills and physical fitness to academic activities, students get a chance to see if the Coast Guard is a good fit.

But what if it’s not? That’s where AIM’s FIT program comes into play. A workshop that helps guide students and parents through the college decision-making process, FIT emphasizes a “best fit” approach, even if it’s not the Coast Guard Academy.

“Before students decide where they want to go to college, they need to be clear about WHY they want to go,” said Jon Heller, Director of the Admiral James M. Loy Institute for Leadership at the Coast Guard Academy and co-founder of the FIT program. “One’s college experience should fit like a glove. Before students go ‘glove shopping,’ they must first study their hands.”

With a combination of stating a clear purpose for going to college, a comprehensive self-assessment, personality questionnaire, peer interviews and a comprehensive “how to” glossary of the college application process, the FIT program is a highlight of the AIM week, for those who are excited to start their CGA application and also for those who will look elsewhere.

Please visit this page to learn more about AIM.