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Spotlight on Dr. Angela Jackson-Summers

Stefanie Senkow
September 27, 2018

Angela Jackson-Summers“I’m an educated nut!” laughs Dr. Angela Jackson-Summers, referencing her extensive education and over 30 years of work experience in the disciplines of information technology/systems auditing, risk management and compliance.

Dr. Jackson-Summers received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting from Mississippi College, a Master of Business Administration from Christian Brothers University and a Master of Science in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University.

Recently, she completed her Doctorate of Business Administration in Information Systems. Her dissertation is titled “An Exploratory Study of Organizational Security Risk Management for Improved Effectiveness.”

From the small town of Itta Bena, Mississippi, Dr. Jackson-Summers joins the Academy after serving in senior IT audit, risk management, and compliance leadership roles in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and working five years at Georgia State University teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in information systems, information security, privacy, and computer forensics. As an Ernst & Young alum, she has served as a Regional Director for their HIPAA security and privacy as well as business continuity services practices crossing various industries. Dr. Jackson-Summers has also previously taught at Mercer University and Kennesaw State University.

Q: What led you to the Coast Guard Academy?
I wanted to live near water! When my Dissertation Committee approached me about pursuing academia, I looked for opportunities by the water and found the Coast Guard Academy. Some of my fondest memories were made living by the water in southern California, and I once read an article that stated living near water is the key to happiness.

Q: What courses will you be teaching?
I will be teaching Information Systems to support the Management major and the new Cyber Systems major.

Q: What can students expect in your classroom?
Cadets can expect enthusiasm, the sharing of real-world experiences and reinforced learning. As a faculty member, I want us all to seek opportunities to identify areas where we can bring innovation to the classroom, which I believe can help promote active student learning and engagement. I also want to increase awareness on how to think of risk management when considering information technology and information systems.

Q: In your opinion, what makes the Academy and its cadets special?
I’m impressed by the degree of commitment displayed by the administration and the cadets. The administration’s passion about the work that’s done here, the mission and the overall success of the cadets is amazing. Even on the first day of class, I was impressed by the level of engagement from the cadets and their commitment to their growth.