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Spotlight on LT Danielle Brown

Stefanie Senkow
September 20, 2018

Danielle BrownIt was the Coast Guard’s lifesaving missions that drew LT Danielle Brown to apply to the Academy as a cadet back in 2007, and now to come back full circle as an instructor in the Electrical Engineering department is an opportunity that is very close to her heart.

“This instructor position at the Academy was at the top of my list,” said LT Brown.

Upon her graduation in 2011, LT Brown was assigned to Coast Guard Cutter Venturous in St. Petersburg, Florida as a deck watch officer. She was then transferred to Coast Guard Base Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology (C4IT) in Portsmouth, Virginia before pursuing her Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, concentrating on Control Theory in Ocean Wave Energy at Oregon State University.

Upon returning to the Academy as an instructor, LT Brown is ready to leave the same lasting impression on her cadets that the Academy left on her.

Q: What fueled your desire to teach at the Coast Guard Academy?
During my time at the Academy, I was very close with my academic advisor, who always encouraged me to pursue an advanced education degree through the Coast Guard’s graduate school program. I always had a desire to come back and teach in the Electrical Engineering department, and emulate my advisor’s inclusive and positive classroom environment. I’m also hoping to assist with coaching the women’s rugby team, as I was on the team myself as a cadet.

Q: What courses will you be teaching?
I will be teaching Electrical Circuits and Machines as well as the Fundamentals of Engineering Electrical and Computing Engineering Exam prep course.

Q: What can students expect in your classroom?
It is my priority to create a safe, productive, and inclusive learning environment. Students can expect a challenging curriculum, but also a safe space to learn how to learn. I also want to answer any questions students may have about life after the Academy, as I was once in their shoes and hope to be a good resource for them.

Q: In your opinion, what makes the Academy and its cadets special?
The Academy is more than academics; it’s an education in leadership. For example, I appreciate how the academic programs and the sports programs go hand-in-hand. In my experience, my professors really cared about what was going on out in the athletic field and my coaches were engaged in what was going on in the classroom.