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The Olmsted Scholar Program

Stefanie Senkow
June 27, 2018

The Olmsted Scholar ProgramShaping leaders through cultural immersion, the Coast Guard offers an international postgraduate program unlike any other - the Olmsted Scholar Program. A unique experience open to qualifying officers, the Olmsted Scholar Program transports participants overseas to undergo a cultural transformation, enabling them to learn a foreign language and then pursue a graduate degree at an international university. Upon successful completion of their foreign language training in the United States, scholars and their families will be relocated abroad to pursue a degree in their designated country.

From Poland and Brazil to Italy and Japan, scholars dive head-first into a pool of cultural waters, as they adjust to the local customs, traditions, politics and popular culture of their new countries. With over 20 countries to choose from, scholars will mold themselves into multicultural leaders of the future during this two to three year program.

For more information on the Olmsted Scholar Program, visit The Olmsted Foundation.