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USCG Seeks Applicants to the Financial Management PG Degree Program

The Ultimate Return on Investment: A Rewarding Career with The Financial Management Postgraduate Program

Stefanie Senkow
May 10, 2018

The College of William & MaryOn April 18, 2018, the Coast Guard announced that it is accepting applications for the Financial Management graduate degree program. There’s strength in numbers and that couldn’t be more true than with the Coast Guard’s Financial Management Postgraduate program, which is currently seeking qualified officers to apply.

The program annually selects leaders of character to earn their master’s degrees in business administration, accounting and finance at top-tier graduate institutions, including Syracuse University, the College of William and Mary and Dartmouth College, among others.

But what really sets this experience apart from the typical graduate program? It’s the real-life job assignments participants receive upon graduation. From managing the Coast Guard’s approximately $10 billion annual budget at Coast Guard Headquarters to District budget officer roles, these exceptional positions allow graduates to develop their skills in a hands-on setting, serving them well in their pursuit of rewarding careers in business administration, accounting, finance and more.

And while this program focuses on accounting and finance, it’s important to not get caught up in the numbers when considering applying. Yes, GPAs and GMAT scores are evaluated; however, it’s the applicant’s leadership qualities and performance in his/her post-Academy operational positions that really count. “To be competitive for the program, it is important for junior officers to establish themselves in an operational specialty prior to applying for the program. We are seeking high performers with a strong operational background,” states Commander Shad Thomas, Financial Management Program Manager.

“The Coast Guard specializes in putting junior members in positions of large influence and this program is no exception. The qualified and motivated financial workforce are the backbone of Coast Guard operations. I was fortunate enough to earn my Master’s in Business and Master of Science in Accounting at the College of William and Mary. We are put in positions of enormous responsibility right away. I was responsible for all Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology (C4IT) financial resources in the Coast Guard, an estimated $600M, right after graduation!” states Lieutenant Commander Ben Wroblewski. Lieutenant Junior Grade and Lieutenant Officers are encouraged to apply to the Financial Management Postgraduate program by June 15, 2018.

A priceless graduate degree from a nationally-renowned academic institution with the promise of meaningful employment upon graduation. Now that’s netting out on top.