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Former CIA Case Officer Guest Lectures at USCGA

April 17, 2018

Marti Petersen with cadetsOn 17 April Marti Petersen, a retired CIA case officer, guest lectured during several intelligence courses taught as part of the Government major at the Coast Guard Academy. Marti was the first female CIA case officer in Moscow during the late 1970's and handled one of the most important spies in the Soviet Union (code named Trigon). A mole in the U.S. government exposed Trigon and he committed suicide when the KGB attempted to take him into custody. Three weeks later, when Marti was making a scheduled dead drop (not knowing Trigon committed suicide), a KGB surveillance team was waiting and seized Marti. The KGB took her to Lyubianka Prison where she was questioned and eventually kicked out of Russia. She subsequently briefed President Carter upon her return and continued to serve in the CIA until 2003. After her retirement, Ms. Petersen published a book "The Widow Spy" about her experience in the CIA.