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ORCA Careers

Operations Research and Computer Analysis Careers

The ORCA major prepares cadets for success no matter what job field in the Coast Guard they enter after graduation. Equipped with a skill set with universal application to officer specialties, ORCA graduates have the ability to make a direct impact on the efficiency of their units. Graduates have been able to immediately apply an ORCA education at their cutter, sector or air station.

Civilian Opportunities

The job opportunities for ORCA majors outside the Coast Guard are nearly unlimited as operations research analysts are employed in almost every industry. Companies and organizations must effectively manage their financial, capital and human resources to be successful. That’s why prominent companies such as Disney, Facebook, FedEx, Google and countless others are relying on the computing and analysis skills of ORCA majors.

A Growing Field

Opportunities in the operations research field are expanding. Employment of operations research analysts is expected to grow by 27 percent by the year 2022, much higher than many other fields, which is a reflection of the value placed on employees with a background in operations research.

Graduate Studies

The Coast Guard recognizes the need for officers trained in the ORCA discipline, and has continually increased graduate school opportunities for ORCA majors. Recent ORCA graduates have attended some of the nation's most prestigious graduate schools, including:

  • Colombia University
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • Stanford University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • William and Mary