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9 to 5: The Spring Musical

by Stefanie Senkow
February 14, 2019

CGA cadets in 9 to 5: The MusicalNEW LONDON, Conn. ― They may not be working 9 to 5, but they are rehearsing 4 to 6, four days a week, and again on Saturdays, 8 to 12. That’s what it takes for Coast Guard Academy cadets to polish their spring musical for opening night.

“This year we’re performing 9 to 5, and we want to make it as attractive as possible to our cadets so we can get even more participation for our next musical,” said director, Jon Heller.

With three scheduled performances at the Academy, this year’s musical is comprised of a mix of students, from seasoned veterans to cadets that are making their big-stage debut.

First class cadet (1/c) Clark Nelson, part of the ensemble, is a newcomer this year and confirms that the experience has been a positive outlet for him.

“I have a few friends who are in this musical who recommended I come check it out,” said 1/c Nelson. “This was about branching out and doing something out of my comfort zone, and I have really enjoyed it so far and can’t wait until we put on the show.”

First class cadet (1/c) Brendan Stephany has been part of the Academy’s musicals since his third class year. Coming to the Academy with a chorus and drama background in high school, 1/c Stephany joined the Glee Club as a fourth classman and after seeing his first cadet musical, became hooked.

“We have a lot of big dance numbers in this production, a solid chorus and really talented singing from the leads,” said 1/c Stephany, who plays the lead male antagonist role in 9 To 5. “We also put our own twist on things with some nods to cadet life that the students will really enjoy.”

For the cadets involved, whether first-timers or not, the musical has proven to be a unique experience at the Academy.

“As cadets, we spend a lot of time being serious, so it’s nice to be somewhere where we can have fun and mess up and have a good time,” said 1/c Stephanie Athanasatos, who is playing Kathy, an office worker, in this year’s production. “Aside from having fun, it’s good experience and practice for being an officer in terms of presenting in front of people. And when you do it with friends, it makes it that much better.”

“The number of relationships you build, the amount of creativity you express, having that escape with other people and that time to be yourself – it’s time well spent,” said 1/c Stephany.

Two performances are open to the public, free of charge, on March 2, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. and March 3, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at the Coast Guard Academy’s Leamy Auditorium.

Event Flyer: 9 to 5