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Class of 2019 Career Night

by Stefanie Senkow
November 14, 2018

CGA Career NightNEW LONDON, Conn. -- Excited chatter was in the air amongst sharply dressed cadets in Leamy Auditorium at the Coast Guard Academy last Tuesday night when LT Derek Petty took the stage.

“Welcome Class of 2019!” he exclaimed to the eager crowd.

It was Career Night for the Class of 2019, an evening of presentations from Coast Guard junior officers discussing opportunities in prevention, response, afloat, aviation and naval engineering. An important event for first class cadets, Career Night solidifies the approaching end of their cadet careers as they start thinking about their transitions to Coast Guard officers.

An eruption of applause, hoots and hollers filled the auditorium as Class of 2016 graduate LTJG Brandon Newman stepped up to the podium to discuss afloat careers.

“Afloat. This is where you’re pretty much all going, so get excited!” he laughed as he addressed the class he was formerly a regimental commander for. “During your first tour, you learn more about the different career paths, talk in-depth to officers in a variety of jobs and hone in on what you find most interesting in the Coast Guard. Going to a cutter for your first tour keeps every door open to you and allows you to make the most informed decision on which career path to take.”

An hour of presentations highlighted not only career paths but included honest advice about how to maintain families, life on a cutter and realistic timeframes to achieve goals such as competing for flight school.

“Being underway isn’t always fun, but you’ll look back and see that what you’ve done is really important,” said LTJG Newman to the class.

A relaxed social hour followed the presentations. Hors d’oeuvres were served as inspired cadets mingled with their classmates and engaged with various Coast Guard professionals representing law enforcement, finance, civil engineering, cyber and public affairs, among others.

"We have these junior officers in each career path telling us, first-hand, what life is like out in the Coast Guard. We can learn about real experiences from officers who are the subject-matter experts in their profession,” said 1/c Thomas Hackett, Management major.

"This is an excellent networking opportunity for us as well as a great chance to learn about different career paths available for us,” said 1/c Stephanie Miranda, also a Management major.

"This is a chance for us to get exposure to different career fields and also hear our former regimental commander talk about his Coast Guard experience. To see someone on the panel who was where we were not too long ago is very motivating,” said Government major 1/c Maya Gause.