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U.S. Coast Guard Academy Invites New Cadets to Attend RISE

by Stefanie Senkow/Photo by PA2 Richard Brahm
May 18, 2018

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Seeks Applicants for RISE NEW LONDON, Conn. – Intimidation. Anxiety. Doubt. For incoming cadets, the transition from civilian to military life can be overwhelming. That’s why the United States Coast Guard Academy is committed to preparing new cadets for success from day one with the Respect and Inclusion Summer Experience (RISE) program. RISE is a free three-day orientation open to all incoming fourth class cadets and their parents with the goal of making this transition as seamless as possible. The program features a series of interactive workshops and activities focused on diversity, inclusion and empowerment and runs from June 28 – July 2, 2018. While RISE is open to all cadets, it is especially helpful for students who are the first in their families to attend college, identify as a member of a historically underrepresented group, are traveling from overseas or have never visited the Academy before.

The program kicks off with a barbecue—but not just any barbecue. Prospective cadets and their families will get a rare opportunity to personally connect with the Academy’s Superintendent, Rear Admiral Rendon, as he meets and mingles with the group. Later, students engage in entertaining games like “Two Truths and a Lie” aimed at helping form new friendships and developing a support system. In addition, students will get a sneak peek at key resources available to them as well as participate in an open forum where academic faculty answer questions. RISE winds up with a sea-going tour of the many nearby lighthouses.

“RISE gives incoming cadets a unique opportunity to get some intimate exposure to the Academy campus prior to Swearing-In Day. It’s a space where future cadets can form bonds with classmates and also enjoy their final days with their families before they transition over to Academy life,” RISE Program Manager Daphne Dumorne comments on the benefits of the orientation.

While many colleges host orientation programs for new students, RISE takes it one step further, getting parents involved. Parents are provided with a unique itinerary of their own, as they also adjust to the military journey their sons and daughters are embarking on. Megan Grills, USCGA parent representative, shares her story with parents during one session, further adding to the program’s personal touch.

“I love the opportunity to speak with incoming families to ease their concerns and assure them their children are about to experience something special by being a part of the United States Coast Guard Academy. Being a parent of two children that have been through it, I share with them my personal experiences of the ups and downs of having a cadet here. Most importantly, I welcome them to the Coast Guard family!”

Complimentary hotel accommodations and transportation are provided to both cadets and their parents for the duration of the program. Space is limited and is available upon registration.