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CGA Cadet presents at TEDxYale event

March 3, 2018

CGA Cadet presents at TEDxYale event Cadet Evan Twarog gave a presentation on crisis mapping and using social media for Coast Guard applications during the final round of the student competition during the TEDxYale: Uncharted event March 3, 2018. The event highlighted nine featured speakers and five student speakers who presented their exploration of the uncharted.

During Hurricane Harvey, Twarog contributed to the Coast Guard’s “crisis mapping” response, an effort that assembled social media posts from over 5,000 survivors in need of rescue and represented the first time social media played a major role in Coast Guard disaster response operations.

U.S. Coast Guard men and women rescued 11,022 people and 1,384 pets during the service’s response to the disaster which involved 2,060 Coast Guard personnel, 50 rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, 75 shallow-water boats and 29 cutters.

Twarog, a Keene, N.H. native and Electrical Engineering student at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, is interested in how data analytics and artificial intelligence can be used to improve disaster response and humanitarian missions.

watch Cadet Twarog’s presentation

Photo courtesy of Yale University