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Morin Samples

Pinehurst, NC
Morin Samples


Hello! I am Morin Samples and I am going to be a senior this upcoming year. I live in Pinehurst, North Carolina and go to the O'Neal School. I am in a military family and have moved countless times in my life. I have always known the Army as the best branch of the military but, until I was introduced to the Coast Guard Academy.

At my school I am on the varsity cross country, track and swim team. I was nominated by my peers to be on our Honor Council and I am a part of Leadership Academy at my school. I really enjoy running and baking with my friends in my free time. I also love to travel with my family around America as well. I love dogs, cows and beluga whales, I think they are funny. I want to help people and the world around me. I want to protect and serve my country. I can't wait for AIM and to see what the Academy life looks like.