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Madison Pugh

Venedocia, OH Major: Mechanical Engineering Sports/Clubs: Dance Team, Cadet Musical, Jazz Band, Powerlifting, Creative Writing Club, Women’s Leadership Council
Madison Pugh

I always liked figuring out how things work as a kid, so I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I also knew I wanted to serve my country as well as go to college. The Coast Guard Academy was my perfect fit.

As a mechanical engineering major, I’m excited about the broad field that could be applied to many career paths. I am interested in working with renewable energy as a civilian, and mechanical more closely aligns with that goal. As a 2/c in Mechanisms, we designed a planetary gearset on a CAD program, printed out the parts, and assembled it; it was so cool to see how the equations and theory are applied to a tangible product! Now I have something to show for what I learned in that class that is not just a paper or presentation.

I hope my first billet will be to the CGC MACKINAW because it is such a versatile ship! As an engineer, I would be familiarizing myself with ice operations and buoy tending. Afterwards, I would like to go to graduate school and teach at the Academy. Other assignments I am considering are Officer Candidate School instructor, Admiral’s Aide, Afloat Training Group. I am also thinking about a career as an Inspection Office, or Port Engineer. There are so many career options in the Coast Guard that I am confident I will find something I really enjoy!