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Merrill Cline

Springfield, Ohio - Class of 2022 Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences
Merrill Cline


Hey everyone.

My name is Merrill Cline and I am a 4/c cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I hope it helps you see what’s going on here, especially all you prospective cadets. It was not long ago at all when I was in your shoes, getting ready to come here and start my career in the United States Coast Guard. I hope my entries will help you understand what the Academy is about and I’ll get to share some stories about my experiences here. Little bit about myself, I’m from Springfield, Ohio, I’m a Marine and Environmental Sciences major, I play the alto saxophone in the regimental band, and I’m on the offshore sailing team. I also really enjoy music and painting as well as sleeping, eating, and memes so I’m pretty relatable.

I chose the Coast Guard for multiple reasons. Growing up around sailboats really fostered my love for the ocean and I knew from a fairly young age that I wanted to serve my country. The search and rescue mission of the Coast Guard really appeals to me plus it’s really important for me to receive a great education. The Coast Guard Academy checked off every item on my list and more. I’m really excited to share my adventures with all of you as I embark on my 200-week journey to becoming an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. If you ever have any questions for me, about anything at all, I would love to answer them so feel free to email me at [email protected]. Good luck to everyone applying to the Academy and Go Bears!

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