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Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics is home to the Operations Research and Computer Analysis (ORCA) major. The ORCA major instructs cadets in mathematics, statistics and computers, and how these analytical methods can be used to analyze complex problems and improve decision-making.


The Department of Mathematics supports the ORCA major as well as the Academy's broad technical core curriculum. The Department's top-notch faculty is dedicated to offering each cadet the individual attention, mentoring and encouragement they need to develop their mathematical skills and become future leaders of the service and society.

Real-World Study

Cadets are exposed to a breadth of courses in mathematics, which provide the computing fundamentals to create mathematical models, simulations and algorithms used in problem solving. At the Academy, the study of mathematics quickly moves beyond theory, as our work with the Coast Guard enables students to apply their learning to real-world problems.

Contact Information

Mathematics Department
LCDR Philip Baxa(860)