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Lê Nelson

Le Nelson

LTJG Lê Nelson is currently serving on the USCGC Cypress as a Deck Watch Officer. His diverse duties have ranged from helping overhaul the shipboard network system, to participating in the response of four major hurricanes, to acting as the center point for the Navy Blue Angels during their annual air show.

On the rigor of EE

"The Electrical Engineering path is not for everyone. It is a tremendously difficult major, but one that is incredibly rewarding. The EE program has helped me learn that through dedication and hard work you can accomplish anything."

On the EE faculty

"The EE faculty were genuine and dedicated mentors. They are so passionate and knowledgeable in their topics that you feel excited when you attend classes. Even though EE concepts are rather difficult at first, the instructors are willing to spend time after hours to ensure the knowledge is thoroughly understood."

On his capstone experience

"I dedicated countless hours of research and work to my senior capstone project. It was a great feeling when that effort resulted in a working model of a 2nd generation Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) direction finder. It was the ultimate culmination of four years of hard work, all combined into one product that I was able to truly call mine."

On applying his learning

"After the Academy, I served as the Communications Officer onboard USCGC Cypress. Being an EE graduate gave me a major leg up, as I was able to understand intricate network, communications and electronic systems, and apply what I learned to troubleshoot and resolve issues."