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Kevin Rogers

Class of 2008 B.S. Management
Kevin Rogers

After graduating from the Academy and completing his Coast Guard service, Kevin Rogers moved into the private sector. He is currently the Senior Supply Chain Analyst for a major consumer packaged goods company focused in the food and beverage industry.

On a very practical major

"What I appreciate about the study of Management at the Academy is the applicability of everything I learned. Whether it was leadership skills, organizational behavior or financial acumen, I can honestly say I used something from every course within the first year on my cutter. No other major prepares you for being an officer in the Coast Guard like the Management major does."

On the diverse faculty

"I was always impressed with the diversity of backgrounds of the faculty. My instructors ranged from tenured professors to consultants with 20+ years of experience to lieutenants that were able to make the subject matter relatable to the Coast Guard. Each instructor brought a unique perspective to the course material."

On a personalized education

"The small class size and personal attention allowed me to get specialized attention from all members of the faculty. I wasn’t just a face in the crowd. I was able to connect on a personal level with the faculty and that only strengthened my experience."

On being equipped for success

"The Management program introduces you to a broad spectrum of principles and skills. When you graduate, you are going to be asked to be an effective manager no matter where you end up. Knowing the science behind management has gotten me to the position that I am in today."