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Ensign Keemiya Pourmonir

Keemiya Pourmonir

ENS Keemiya Pourmonir is currently the Weapons Officer and Deck Department Head on the USCGC Issac Mayo. As one of only two ensigns aboard the Issac Mayo, she is considered a member of the wardroom. As a recent graduate, those responsibilities have been a challenge, but ones for which the Academy has prepared her well.

On the importance of support

"I have been told that being an ensign is the most difficult position. You enter with little to no experience, but with effort and the help of the crew, you begin to pull your own weight. It was the same with the EE faculty at the Academy. Their willingness to help prepared me well to work hard and learn fast out in the fleet."

On an invested faculty

"The individual time that each faculty member invested in students was impressive. The EE major is difficult, but the willingness of the faculty to sit with us and help made it seem possible. I have never felt such support, and that feeling alone made me want to strive for success."

On an outstanding preparation

"I graduated from the Academy with an in-depth knowledge of electrical circuits and computer programming. It has allowed me to qualify for Basic Damage Controlman (DC), Advanced DC and In-port Officer of the Deck (OOD) – all within my first few months at my unit."

On the EE advantage

"Electrical Engineering is a degree that will set you up for success. Out of an academic program that was often very challenging, I have arrived in my Coast Guard duty better qualified as a result. The applications of the EE program to my work are apparent each and every day."