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Kyle Ensley

Kyle Ensley

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Ensley serves in the Coast Guard as the Assistant Field Engineer (FE) of Base Kodiak, located on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

On choosing Civil Engineering

"With plenty of good jobs, excellent promotion potential, great locations and probably the best transferability of job skills to the private market, the civil engineering career field is pretty attractive. The (usually) predictable schedules and great office views are pretty good also."

On Base Kodiak

"Base Kodiak is the largest and most complex facility in the Coast Guard. It is a 2.5 million-square-foot, 37,500-acre, $3 billion facility, which represents roughly 15 percent of the Coast Guard's shore infrastructure nationwide."

On his core job responsibilities

"In my capacity as the Assistant FE, and with the support of a strong team of civilian and military engineers, technicians, fire fighters and environmental specialists, I'm responsible for the maintenance, operation, environmental compliance, and fire/emergency response of Base Kodiak. The best part of the job: living on Kodiak. It's paradise."