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Kaitlyn DeValk

Plantation, Florida - Class of 2019 Major: Electrical Engineering
Kaitlyn DeValk

Seeking an academic challenge, Kaitlyn DeValk chose to study Electrical Engineering at the Coast Guard Academy. With a particular interest in the integration of software and hardware, she is learning through her studies what a wide-ranging role electrical engineering plays in today's modern world.

On the academic challenge

"Every class in Electrical Engineering is a new challenge, as new and different topics are presented. Some of the classes do build on each other, but EE courses often have a very specific, detailed focus. I like that almost every class it is like a new chapter into electrical engineering."

On the application of the major

"Electrical engineering affects so much in our daily lives. Understanding how a network operates, looking at how basic circuits operate, and understanding the underlying concepts of power are basic principles to much larger-scale ideas such as power plants, the Internet and more."

On the EE faculty

"The faculty are not only very knowledgeable about their field, but are always willing to help any student. I have developed close relationships with many of the faculty. Our conversations are not only about academics but oftentimes just life in general."

On relevance in the Coast Guard

"I am interested in possibly going into cyber security in the Coast Guard. I feel my Electrical Engineering studies are giving me a solid foundation and are preparing me well to address the problems and challenges in this exciting field."