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Journal of Cadet Research

We are delighted to announce that we are accepting submissions for the Journal of Cadet Research. We welcome submissions from cadets either as individual or group research papers. Papers can be on any subject as long as at least one of the authors is CGA cadet or graduate.

We will also welcome papers based on collaborative work between CGA and non-CGA faculty and cadet(s). Cadets who have been involved in a joint staff-cadet project or have written a joint paper (80% of work being done by a cadet) are encouraged to submit their work, clearly stating that it is collaborative work and it will be reviewed for publication. Please note the lead and corresponding author on collaborative papers must be the CGA cadet or graduate.

Work completed by CGA cadets can be accepted for publication up to 24 months after their graduation.

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Journal of Cadet Research
Journal of Cadet Research EditorDr. Alina M. ZapalskaProfessor of EconomicsDirector of the Honors Program[email protected]
Journal of Cadet Research Technical ContactMs. Lucy MaziarLibrary Director[email protected]