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CDR Joseph Brown

Organic Chemistry I and II, General Chemistry I and II Illicit Drugs: Synthesis Biological Effects and Detection Science Department

CDR Joseph BrownI remember the impact the Academy faculty had on me as a cadet. They helped me learn so much information that was directly applicable to my Coast Guard career. Whether it is the science behind a “clear and bright” fuel test or how the density of oil can greatly affect the type of cleanup we are going to do, I feel like I am preparing the cadets to directly apply what they learn here to their career.

In my classroom, students can expect to be active participants in their learning. I attempt to create an environment where they can construct their knowledge building on previous life experiences and things they have learned. In addition to learning chemistry, they learn important process skills such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking.

There’s a sense of purpose at the Academy. Everyone here is aimed at one thing – making the Coast Guard the best organization that it can be. We approach it from many different angles, but those differences are what make it so great. I am continually surprised at how I can learn and apply things from my colleagues to my main job here – developing the future leaders of the Coast Guard.

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