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Jeremiah Kim

South Riding, Virginia - Class of 2022 Major: Operations Research and Computer Analysis
Jeremiah Kim

Jeremiah Kim always had an interest in breaking down complex problems into simple solutions and saw that the Operations Research and Computer Analysis major would give him the tools to think through situations and make strong decisions grounded in facts. After discussion with other cadets in the major and the faculty, he realized that ORCA would be challenging yet highly rewarding, learning valuable skills to apply directly into real and applicable situations.

On choosing the Operations Research and Computer Analysis

"I saw that the ORCA major offers opportunities to acquire skills that I could take with me and use to analyze and evaluate situations. This curriculum will give me the tools I need to understand problems and make good decisions."

On outstanding faculty

"My favorite professor is Dr. Ian Frommer, who taught my Calculus II class during the fall semester. Dr. Frommer explained tough concepts in a clear, concise, and enthusiastic manner that made me enjoy learning Calculus for the first time in my academic career. On top of that, he always made an effort to make sure that we were keeping up with the class material and assigned a workload that was challenging but more than bearable."

On future summers

"This upcoming summer, I will be going to Station Coos Bay, Oregon for five weeks then CGC Eagle for six weeks, learning a lot about small boat station work and seamanship. I would love to go to a Coast Guard air station for future summers, and see how CG aviation operates to conduct search and rescue cases, law enforcement, and other missions."