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Jane Alandydy

Newton, MA - Class of 2023 Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences
Jane Alandydy


Hi! My name is Jane Alandydy. I’m from Newton, Massachusetts and I’m a Marine & Environmental Sciences major. One of the things I love about the Academy is that, even in just the short time that I have been here, it has already pushed me outside of my comfort zone and into new opportunities and experiences. One of those new experiences has been joining the cheer team. Academy life as a 4/c can feel pretty stressful, cheer is a great environment to let go of the stress from the day and have fun.

I chose to accept my appointment because I knew I wanted to help other people and protect our beautiful oceans. So far, being a swab and then a cadet has meant hard work, stress, limited time, and being constantly challenged; but it has also meant forming strong bonds with amazing people, learning how to push my own limits, discovering new things that inspire me to keep going, and so much more. Knowing that one day, hopefully, my shipmates and I will get the opportunity to make a difference in the world is an amazing feeling.

I know it can be hard to decide where you want to go to college, but I hope this blog will provide some helpful insight into what it’s like to be a cadet here at USCGA.