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Interdisciplinary Studies

Academy faculty, staff and cadets from different departments often collaborate in interdisciplinary studies, addressing various issues and problems from multiple perspectives. Interdisciplinary studies allow thinking across traditional boundaries and integrate a variety of methods and insights in the pursuit of a common task.

Three interdisciplinary initiatives currently merging fields of study at the Academy are the Professional Maritime Studies program, the Center for Arctic Study and Policy, and the Superintendent’s Council for Cyber Education and Training.

Professional Maritime Studies

The Professional Maritime Studies program prepares cadets with professional knowledge and skills for duty as Coast Guard officers. As part of the Academy's core curriculum, the program's courses teach navigation, maritime communications, deck seamanship, and all aspects of ship handling. One of the goals of the program is to prepare cadets for the National Maritime Center-approved Master 100 Tons Near Coastal licensing examination.

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Center for Arctic Study and Policy

The Academy's Center for Arctic Study and Policy promotes academic research on Arctic policy and strategy. The Center serves as an operational think tank to focus on emerging Arctic issues as well as broadening partnerships for the advancement of safe, secure and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the Arctic.

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Superintendent’s Council for Cyber Education and Training

The Superintendent’s Council for Cyber Education and Training (Cyber Council) coordinates the Academy’s contribution to the Coast Guard’s strategic objective of building a cyber workforce and promotes learning opportunities to develop a specialized cadre of cyber leaders of character.

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